Committed to the mindful care and nurturing of animal and the conscious appreciation of land.

Since our inception in 1990, we have lived and worked by a set of guiding principles in everything we do. Those principles lead us to create more mindful products meeting our rigorous standards while providing you and your family with wholesome options you can trust.

Below you'll learn more about those principles and how we live them daily in everything we do. It's what we call The Meyer WayTM.

About Our Products

Our primary principle

More than 30 years ago Bob Meyer set out to produce cattle the way nature intended. At Meyer we believe that doing the right thing is what's best for both the animal and for your family. That's why our standards require raising beef, and pork, without the use of added hormones or antibiotics** during the animals lifetime while being mindful of it's care and well-being.

*Kuro American Wagyu is a 100-day withdraw program.

Why that matters

At the time of our inception the beef industry was changing rapidly. As consumer demand grew so did the need for greater speed and quantity in production. In 1990 our founder insisted on doing things as nature intended: never using added growth hormones to speed production and only using antibiotics when the health of the animal was in jeopardy. Any animal supplied anitbiotics was then removed from the program. This founding principal ensures that all animals under the Meyer program meet the greatest standard of care.

No Added Hormones

We believe in allowing cattle to grow at their natural pace. This is why beef made from cattle for Meyer are required to be raised with no added hormones for the life of the animal.

No Antibiotics

While the FDA regulates the use of antibiotics in animals prior to harvest, we believe the use of antibiotics is unnecessary unless the health of the animal is threatened and requires care. If antibiotics are administered then the animal is no longer permitted to be a part of any Meyer product.

Vegetarian Fed

It's important that during the life of the animal it receives the best nutrition available. This means the animal is allowed to feed on forages, roughages, grasses and grains without the inclusion of any animal by-products.

Sourced primarily in the U.S.

As an American company founded in Montana and with employees based in states across the U.S., we have a solid commitment to providing for and serving those communities in which we live, work, and eat daily. That's why we commit to sourcing products from American producers FIRST. Most Meyer products are required to use beef born, raised, and harvested by U.S. farmers and ranchers from field to plate.

Crate-free pork

All our pork is sourced from the Midwest U.S. and is raised without the use of gestation and farrowing crates. This crate-free environment allows our Duroc Heritage pigs room to grow and live in a manner that protects their well-being.

Our Organic &
Natural Grass-Fed &
Finished Products

Our Organic & Natural Grass-Fed
& Finished Products

Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Year Round

Our grass-fed and grass-finished products are sourced from cattle raised outdoors on grasslands year-round and must meet the exacting requirements of the USDA National Organic Program, including rules for humane handling, animal living conditions, and pasture standards. You can learn more about the USDA National Organic Program HERE.

Care for the animal

Humane Handling Practices

In 2013 we developed the Meyer Natural Foods Humane Handling program. A set of standards that we use to certify specific Meyer products* to ensure that they meet our rigorous standards that began at the ranch. Our program is built with independence and transparency at its heart and is USDA approved. Any supplier that wishes to participate in the Meyer program must meet these rigorous standards as verified by various methods including third-party audits.

Learn more about the Meyer Humanely Handled program HERE.

*Currently applies to Meyer Natural Angus products only.

Sustainable Shipping Materials

Sustainable Shipping Materials

We realize you have many choices regarding products to fit your needs, which may include products that are mindful of the environment. With that in mind, you can learn more about our sustainable eCommerce packaging below.

Greencell+ Shipping Coolers:

All Meyer Market products are packaged and shipped in greencell coolers. Greencell foam is made from non-gmo corn starch that has been grown in the U.S. and is backyard compostable and can be dissolved in water.

Standard Cardboard Shipper

Our cardboard shipper is easily broken down and recycled. Simply remove the tape and place in your curbside bin.

Greencell+ Disposal Instructions:

Tear the film and remove the Green Cell Foam panels. Recycle the film with other #4 plastics where applicable. Dissolve the Green Cell Foam panels in a sink - safe for pipes, septic and waste treatment facilities. Green Cell Foam is backyard compostable. Watch how easy it is to dissolve.

Watch Disposal Video